Parker's Anchor (2017) Trailer





Grieving a great loss, Krystal Parker finds peace in reuniting with her childhood best friend. She builds strength in stepping out into the world and with the support of a small town community, she finds love when she opens herself to new possibilities.


I was involved with Parker’s Anchor as a friend, a peer and a colleague long before I was approached to be involved in the project directly. Back when it had a different name - some of the characters did different things and all the early ways that scripts seem so foreign on reflection at such a distance. I gave thoughts and started arguments. Some were heard and some were brushed off as I was merely a tourist spending a day in someone else’s world I had not yet lived in.

And then one day I was asked to direct. Though I had an existing relationship both personal and working, this was a bit of a surprise. My sister, who co-wrote and would be starring in the film had decided that while we had talked openly about other filmmakers working on the project - when it came down to it - she knew she trusted me to paint the picture the way she hoped it would come together. She knew she wanted me walking her through some of the hard moments Krystal Parker was going to embark on. I am grateful for that opportunity.

Trust is powerful and necessary thing in a working relationship. It’s empowering and is shown through love, respect and listening to the needs of the other. It’s remembering the “relationship” part of the term. I put all of my trust in the team of artists I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by on set and in post every day.

When efforts to build on the story took the film in the wrong direction, we worked to correct it. When one emotional beat engulfed an entire act of the film, we asked questions and found our way back. And two days before our final film delivery an important moment kept changing, but we found the answer that was hiding there since it’s inception - we just had to look hard enough and ask the right questions. We had to stay true Krystal’s journey and trust the process.

We hope that Parker’s Anchor is embraced by audiences. But to be honest - it’s really only important to me that my sister likes it.

-Marc Hampson, Director

Hello & Goodbye Trailer

Directed by MARC HAMPSON  |  Written by MIKE SHELTON |  Produced by AARON FAIRLEY & MARC HAMPSON

Director of Photography PAUL OLSON  |  Starring PETER WEIDMAN & TYBEE DISKIN

With wounds still open from the recent end of their 5 year relationship, Drew and Beth decide to meet up for a quiet dinner at Drew's apartment to help solidify their newly found station as "just friends". Through a haze of wine, desert, and uninhibited honesty, Hello & Goodbye follows the ex-lovers as they confront years of issues in one night. Reaching a level of intimacy they never could in their relationship, both sexually and emotionally, and smearing the line between the two. They examine themselves, each other, and where it all went wrong when there are no good guys or no bad. What is love? And is it enough to get them through the night?

Before the Lights Come Up (2013) Trailer

Written & Directed by MARC HAMPSON  |  Produced by AARON FAIRLEY & MARC HAMPSON


Benjamin Nelson was a HUGE Star in the 90's, one of the top musicians in his prime. He got in a devastating car accident and the public was left to believe he died and he wanted it that way. Over 10 years later Ben is coming back to see his Sister in LA and also revisits his Sisters roommate- the Fiance he left behind. After all this time, the few that see him push him for a comeback not realizing the damage left by the accident and his real reason for coming back after all these years.

Hiding in the Open (2009) Trailer

Written & Directed by MARC HAMPSON  |  Produced by AARON FAIRLEY & MARC HAMPSON

Director of Photography PAUL OLSON  |  Starring RYAN SCHWARTZMAN & TURNA METE

"Hiding in the Open, an engaging and thought-provoking new film by pioneering independent director Marc Hampson, examines one night in the life of two capricious twenty-somethings searching for direction. Good natured but rebellious Chase, fleeing stifling domesticity, joins his lesbian party-girl companion Denny on a tour through Los Angeles’ nightlife. Abandoned by her fiancé and desperate to escape the solitude of her apartment, recovering alcoholic Hazel embarks on a parallel journey of self-discovery punctuated by the beckoning of a whiskey bottle. Visual auteur Hampson follows Chase and Hazel into a surreal landscape of drug-induced mind trips and crippling isolations reimagining Los Angeles in a way never seen before. Hiding in the Open is an emotional experience, finding poetry in its images and truth in the spaces we try to ignore."

'Gordon Family Tree' (2013)


Freemont Gordon isn't passionate about his successful Architecture job in Los Angeles. After he turns 30, he finds his job isn't enough and he quits and goes on a road trip. Along the way, he meets the most amazing and generous everyday folks. Freemont shows his thanks by building secret tree houses for the families in hopes of giving their kids fun places to play. Freemont finds that doing what he loves is what matters most.